€ 295
5 days
production time


  • - Does not fade on sun
  • - Does not soak with rain
  • - Longevity
  • - Smooth regulation of slope angle
  • - Damage resistance
  • - Fire resistance

Sometimes the simplest decision is the only correct one. Drop awnings (also called window or façade awnings) are unrivaled combination of utility and excellent appearance. These disposable and light constructions are mostly used over windows, as well as sheds over balconies, entrance doors, in front of trade pavilions; wide sphere of usage is one of the main advantages of this kind of awnings, together with their durability, aesthetic view, as well as ability to transform depending on used colours and materials, from democratic shed over flower kiosk to striking advertising instrument over jewelry showroom.

It takes seconds to draw the awning down, and you can work on a hot day at an open window, without disturbing sun flecks on your computer screen. Сalypso will protect your house or office from overheat, and the awning fabric will add attractive shades to sunlight on a dull day, and boost your mood. It is easy to make your life more comfortable with our Calypso awnings!


Width (m)
‹ Up to 3,5 meters
Overhang (м)
‹ Up to 4,4 meters
Manual / automatic Somfy (France)
Printing on fabric
Rain sensor
Sun sensor
Wind sensor

Complementary design project

3 years warranty and service

Free departure. Measurement and evaluation

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