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  • - Different variants of design of protective cassette
  • - Fabric and components of the awning are protected from exposure
  • - Smooth regulation on slope angle up to 90°
  • - Does not fade on sun
  • - Does not soak with rain
  • - Longevity
  • - Damage resistance
  • - Fire resistance

We happily introduce you our collection of retractable cassette awnings which would help to make comfort and beauty your lifestyle! This is a follow-up of folding arm awnings line, more perfect and with wider range of additional options. One of their main advantages is presence of a retentive protective cassette that does not permit rainfall and dust to set on fabric, roller tube and other components, thus prolonging the lifetime of the awning, helps it to resist extreme loads and provides great protection from foul weather.

Please note a possibility to equip this type of awnings with both standard lambrequin up to 25 cm height, and retractable lambrequin Vario-Volant which is an additional protection from sun, rain and wind. A cassette awning with Vario-Volant works as two awnings, a retractable and vertical in one.

In this type of awnings, a cassette does not only protect fabric and awning components, but also gives new opportunities for design; its main elements are form and colour of the cassette. That is why we offer you a choice of four models as at time, in order to find an awning that ideally corresponds to your wishes! Chose a form that better fits to your house: attractively smooth and rounded or ultramodern and distinct. In order to help you with your choice, we offer services of a professional designer who will prepare a realistic design layout of your future awning in 3D, attached to the picture of your house.

Our customers often ask which awning is the most reliable. You can choose any model; they all will serve you for many years, and we give warranty on all our products. They differ only with design, sizes or set of additional options. All our awnings are produced in Europe for inner market, and respond to highest standards of quality; all components are made of materials of high quality and corrosion resistance.

A cassette awning won’t stay unnoticed by your guests. A compact and absolutely invisible when folded up, this awning, being opened noiselessly, transform you terrace or patio into a preferable recreation place for your family and friends. It is simple in operating, it decorates a country house or a terrace, it gives comforts and good mood in any weather, and, of course, faultlessly implements its main practical task, that is protecting you and your house from any whims of weather!

Principle of operation

Like in folding arms awnings, front profile (in this case hidden in an aluminium cassette) is moved with help of folding arms; when the awning is being closed, the fabric rolls up on the rolling tube, and the awning closes completely.
Awning can be opened completely or partly, as much as it is necessary at a certain moment.


Width (m)
‹ Up to 6 meters
Overhang (м)
‹ Up to 3 meters
Manual / automatic Somfy (France)
Anti-meter racks
Printing on fabric
Rain sensor
Sun sensor
Wind sensor

Complementary design project

3 years warranty and service

Free departure. Measurement and evaluation

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