Calypso Roll

€ 1 383
5 days
production time


  • - Does not fade on sun
  • - Does not soak with rain
  • - Longevity
  • - Damage resistance
  • - Fire resistance
  • - All-season construction

This is one more type of awnings that combines a lot of functions, and design that adjusts to the environment like a chameleon. Calypso Roll protects from wind and nosy glances of neighbours, it permits to play with the structure of area, dividing it into zones and uniting them again. This interesting construction is irreplaceable for terraces of country cottages, penthouses and restaurants; it can be placed in a garden or next to a gazebo.

As it always in our products, attention to tiniest details give our clients comfort in exploitation and uncompromising attitude to design: the handle of the awning can be made of wood of different colours, and numerous variants of colour decisions will let you not to limit yourself while thinking of appearance of your terrace or country cottage territory.

We are glad to offer you only the best models of awnings. Calypso Roll undoubtedly responses to highest demands to quality.

Principle of operation

The fabric rolls up on the roller tube covered with a vertical cassette; in order to open the awning, pull the handle attached to the side profile that slides along the soil or floor with a trolley.

The awning is being mounted with two brackets to a wall or another vertical surface. If there is no appropriate surface for mounting in the desired place of installation, we can produce a special metal pillar painted in the fabric colour, in the awning cassette colour, or in any other colour that matches your demands.


Width (m)
‹ Up to 2,1 meters
Overhang (м)
‹ Up to 6 meters
Manual / automatic Somfy (France)
Printing on fabric
Rain sensor
Sun sensor
Wind sensor

Complementary design project

3 years warranty and service

Free departure. Measurement and evaluation

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