Calypso Wind

€ 320
5 days
production time


  • - Does not fade on sun
  • - Does not soak with rain
  • - Longevity
  • - Damage resistance
  • - Fire resistance
  • - All-season construction

Vertical awnings are unique constructions that have wonderful capacity to fulfill different functions that are so important in order to create comfort on any open space for work or recreation, as well as in country cottages or cafeterias.

These awnings can be established on any kind of vertical open or glazed surfaces. Being placed on windows of a country cottage, they will protect the facility from blinding sun, heat, rain and curious glances; at the same time, they do not hinder fresh air. And for open gazebos, terraces or cafeteria areas these constructions are simply irreplaceable!

Now choppy weather will never break your plans, just draw down the awning, and unexpected rain or wind won’t interfere in your enjoying rest on your terrace.
On a hot summer day vertical awnings will protect you from burning sunrays, and from wind and snow in autumn and winter; these multifaceted constructions will serve you all year round in any weather.

Our awnings are so durable and simple in operating that you can use them many years day after day, and they will keep their gorgeous view and fulfill their practical functions as if they have been just installed. At the same time, if you decided to change their design, just change its fabric, and your awning will look perfect.

Principle of operation

The awning fabric moves along guiding vertical wires or aluminium profiles. A ballast with metal eyelets that attaches fabric to the guides and provides its even stretching is sewn into the lower part of fabric.


Width (m)
‹ Up to 6 meters
Overhang (м)
‹ Up to 3 meters
Manual / automatic Somfy (France)
Printing on fabric
Rain sensor
Sun sensor
Wind sensor

Complementary design project

3 years warranty and service

Free departure. Measurement and evaluation

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